XB-06 Griffin Project
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After the launch lug epoxy
cured, I added up the
inboard pair of 18mm
MMT's, 9" long...

Used pieces of tape to
hold them while the
Titebond II glue
tacked enough.
Followed by the outboard
pair of 6" long tubes,
the sidepanels and
'lifting body' bottom
plate to complete
the wing / MMT
assembly. I didn't use
the pair of 3" long tubes
originally planned for
'inline six' cluster due
to balancing difficulties...
...it would have asked
for a ton of nose
weight, so I'll settle for
just 4x18mm cluster,
plus the 24mm main
of course...

Here's the bottom view
after the whole mess
got glued on the
airframe and to that
long strip of balsa
on the stuffer tube.
The canard wing got
built up, and front half
of airframe tube cut up
for a flush mount as
well. Both halves are
17" apiece, for a body
length of 34"...
Due to the huge amount
of lumber needed, I
used balsa
thruout the build,
instead of my usual
Twin tails got tacked on,
then filleted up, all with
Titebond II yellow glue...

You can see the lines on
the wing where I originally
planned for the tails to
go, but it didn't look
right so as usual, I
changed the design
on the go...
Here she is all put
together for the first
time, low main wing,
shoulder mounted
canards and twin tails...
...And a belly full of
motors !!
Even thou she's got
the looks of her own,
methinks I captured
the spirit of the great
XB-70 Valkyrie pretty
So how about naming her  'XB-06 Griffin' to stay with the same theme
of mythical / legendary creatures ? Let me know what you think....
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