Then mark one end at 1/4"
and carefully make a small slot
for end of motor hook...
...And glue the engine blocks
on that end. Don't block the
Thread ends thru holes, tie a
knot on each and secure with
5min epoxy. Pull thru MMT...
...and drill two small holes in
top centering ring, then take a
length of Kevlar cord,
Hack a piece off caulk gun
tubes for nice laser cannons.
...heeeeere's Johnny...
...and three piece wings...
Epoxy on the brass lugs.
Its a pain in the neck, but
makes Viper look sweet...
Btw - here's a pic of all the
furniture cut from 1/8" bass-
wood stock with razor saw.

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Next lets build the motor
mount tubes. First mark both
ends at 1/2"...
Install the motor hooks in the
slots, line them up and wrap
twice with masking tape.
Line up the centering rings
even and level with 1/2" marks
on both ends...
And glue them on. I use
Titebond II, it holds F39T
reloads. Take 24mm MMT... the cord's not getting
messed up while you install
MMT even with the body tube.
Then install the 18mm motor
mount tube...
...or two...
...or why not three for a Super
Duper Hyper Viper...
Time to cut the launch lugs off
5/16" brass. I like brass, it's old
school like balsa nose cones...
Mount the Lasers with 5min
epoxy one at a time and hold
them in place until epoxy gels.
Well, gotta 'fess up and tell you that actually
I build 4 Vipers with 4 different motor
configurations. Front view, all Vipers still in
white Krylon base coat...
Viper 1 is a 24mm single, 2 is a 24/18mm
over/under cluster, 3 is 18/24/18mm inline triple
and 4 is the HyperViper with one 24mm and
3x18mm cluster...
Besides its light weight of 8oz, Viper 1 was
very underpowered on a D12, cork screwing up
just like the Estes original. #2 flew better on a
D12-C6 combo, but still needed more oomph to
straighten out. Viper #3 flew beautifully on  
C6-D12-C6, straight and true, and actually
glided very nicely upright after the boost...
Viper #4 (top left) took off in a hurry on one
D12 and three C6's, flew very nicely gliding
like #3, thou quite a bit higher... #4 has
enough built-in stability margin to fly
chad-staged as well (top right) on D12-0 to
D12-5. Was this perhaps the first ever
documented Viper chad flight outside of
Caprica ???
Here's the
close-up shots,
Quad on left, Chad
on right...
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