Next was time to cut some
BT60 tubing for the
airframe and all 3 turbos,
and sand all the glassing
off of them...
...after drawing the lines, I
tacked on the panels, and
then filleted the seams...
After marking for the tail, a
triangle works great in lining
up the fin first lengthwise...
...Then gently fold along the
dotted lines to make it look
like this...
... tape the whole mess on
table top while the glue is still
soft. Let dry and fillet up.
Run little glue on the cockpit
support brace and tack it on.
Rubber bands help...
...then lightly smear around
edges to seal them in.
First I laid the airframe and top
turbo tube on a table and
tacked them on with Titebond...

First NC was hacked at an
angle with a razor saw, then
drilled out and filled with BB
leadshot from Wallyworld...

A new BSG Viper 1.7x upscale being born...
Then I got the revelation that
since its balsa, I can
do more shaping with careful
drilling & sanding...
Mixed a batch of 30min
epoxy, and smeared the
inside all over... Popsicle
stick works great...
Then I poured in pre-weighted
#7 leadshot (Wally was out
of BB size that works better)...
...and filled it up with more
epoxy, just short of the bottom
lip... Looks pretty cool...
Then it was time for some
fillets, first I poured on a little bit
of glue...
...then used a Q-tip for a
nice smooth and thin layer.
Methinks 3 layers will do
just fine...
Then I stood the assembly
upright using a triangle and
taped it to the table top...
...that made it easy to tack on
the first turbo tube, then
recheck for squareness ...
...and tack on the other.
Then its fillet, fillet and fillet
again using a Q-tip...
It's time to mark the tubes for
turbo panels, a compass
comes in handy...
...and while the glue is still
soft, use it to line the fin up
vertical , and let it tack.
Cut out the canopy by carefully
tracing the lines printed on
card stock with a fresh blade...
...and glue on the cockpit
support bracket...
...then smear on a bit of glue
to seal in the seams.
Next use a 1/2" aluminum
angle bar to mark for
the main wings...
...that we have to put together
next. First glue the fwd and
rear halves together...
...and after they've cured under
some weight like books, mark
for cannon mounts.
Should look something like
this. Use waxpaper and
weights again...
...and you'll end up with
something like this.
Next, tape a C-cassette case
lightly on the bottom, then
stand Viper on its tail...
...and tack on the wings
using that triangle again to
keep them lined up...
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