LOC Viper-3

A very solid triple 24mm cluster by LOC/Precision
For some unknown reason I built this one almost
stock, the only mods are an eye hook epoxied
into that triangular little gap between MMT's for a
solid shock cord mount on top, and a piece of
allthread for positive retention on the bottom...
On a recent launch only one of three Estes E-9's ignited, resulting
into ballistic trajectory and a lawn dart immediately after burn-out. The
rocket thunked into the dirt hard enough to get stuck out of the
ground on 45 degree angle until the ejection charges went off and
spat everything off the nosecone beautifully deploying the laundry on
the grass...
Yes, it looked hilarious and on the vidclip on 'Videos' page you can
hear people cheering and applauding while 'Taps' was playing in the
back of my mind... I was sure that she'll look like an origami,
but besides small scuff marks on the nose there was no damage
at all - unbelievable !!!
Sometimes it pays to use 30min epoxy...