'The Valkyries'
A growing series of split-fin rockets inspired by BSD Thor.
Valkyrie1 was lost in the 'Orange Grove from Hades' early in 2005,
her successor is quite a bit taller Valkyrie2. Both powered by twin
18mm mounts and balanced to eject at apogee on C6-5's.
Valkyries are also built with baffles and TTW basswood fins for ease
of flying and sturdiness.
I fly Rosie the Riveter
on my rockets...
Valkyrie 1 shortly before
being lost. She is greatly
The taller and sleeker
Valkyrie 2
Valkyrie 2 showing her svelte figure below
Nose art on left, nose view on right
Valkyrie 2:

Length: 48"
Diameter: 1.6" (BT-60)
Max take-off weight:
9.9 oz. on two

Cp = 41"

Cg = 38.6"
on C6's

Stability margin 1.5 cal.

One of these days I'll let her
rip on twin 18mm AT
reloads, she's built to take it
with epoxied TTW fins...