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'A day at the races'
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NEFAR has an annual 2-day
launchfest held every November
called 'The Bunnell Blast',
unfortunately we couldn't make it on
Sat but literally had a blast on a sunny
but somewhat breezy Sunday.

Besides Flying my big Viper, the
Valkyrie had two flights: First she
did a demo on Jim Harris' upcoming
38mm Gorilla 'Green Tornado' motor:
Flight video here
That 38mm Gorilla I600-GT really packs a
wallop, it tossed her 130oz (plus motor) easily
off the pad to1900 feet on top of a very brilliant
and intense green flame.
Unfortunately my camera likes to overexpose a bit
and it washes off most of the beautiful green color...

Her next flight was part of the main event of the day,
a 4-way drag race on Gorilla 'Black Lightning' super
sparky motors all courtesy of Jim Harris !

What a spectacular launch it was, a real treat
seldom seen: She was the last one off the pad
but once she took off she honked big time !
5264' - my personal record so far and only
sixteen feet shy of a mile...

Here you can see Mike on the lead and Don chasing
him up, Bill starting to come up to pressure while
she is still smoking on the pad...

Here's the launch video of that fantastic
4-way drag race, crank up the volume - its awesome !

Video by Jimmy Yawn and Marc Slabbinck
YeeeeeeHaaaawwwww !!!