Miscellaneous pix from previous THOR launches...
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Andy and Arreaux
Andy and his better half
Recycled rocket 'The
Goofybird', a water
bottle, stick, straw and
ducktape on twin C6's
...And its proud builders led
by 'dr. Brent von Wynn'...
...Followed by its first, last,
and only flight...
Brents 5D cluster eggloft
glider on its way...
...to another succesful smoking crater in
the ground. Omelet anyone ?
Bruce's beautiful V-1, flew as nice as it
Mark's awesomely detailed Outlander,
that a second later re-kitted itself on the
side of my truck after I ducked out of the
way... A total loss !
Brent and Andy practicing flash pan
ignition... Works better with a pan thou...
The Sollis family, our resident saucer
experts, blasting off on G power
David and
on pad
I'm a happy
rocketeer !