Tampa TRA 4-18-2009
at Varn Ranch

Well folks, it was a long time coming but I
finally had another launch window with
Tampa prefecture of Tripoli Rocketry
Association, called TTRA among friends...

Besides rather blustery winds it was
a good day filled to brim with rocketry fun.

I was monkeying with my new HD
camcorder and caught a few clips,
also flew my older camcorder onboard
Crayon X3 for the first time in months.

Please surf around and enjoy !
Valkyrie3 CATO
Crayon X3 onboard
Crayon X3
AMWProX H225
White Trash Max
AMWProX H125
TampaTRA 5-16-2009

Ok, yet another month rolled by
and again it was time for a fun filled
day with the great folks at TTRA.

During the past four weeks I was able to rebuild
the burned booster stage of my Valkyrie3.
Damage turned out to be mostly superficial, so I
completely removed the top layer plus parts of
the second layer of fiberglassing and did it all
over. Wearing
her fresh coat of paint she successfully demoed
a Gorilla K520 Red Twister - courtesy of Jim
Harris -
with new formulation for brighter red flame and
topped at 5364 feet. Not bad busting a mile again
a mere four weeks after a nasty fire. By the way -
Paul Robinson of AMW most graciously replaced
that damaged motor casing for free. That is some
awesome customer service from our onsite
Thank You all so much !!

I'm hoping to get a pic or two from that take-off
since I still haven't found my camera that is MIA
somewhere around the house...

My CrayonX3 also had another flight with
onboard videocamera, this time she honked off
the pad on a AMW/ProX I-287 Black Bear to
an estimated altitude of 3000 feet.
That thick dark smoke made a nice trail clearly
visible on the videoclip, check it out...
I also posted a few still images of that clip
for your pleasure, please enjoy !!
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