THOR launches on every third Saturday of the month
at the William Owens Pass Park in Sydney FL 33587
starting at around 11.30AM.
Manuel and/or Brent usually do notify our local friendly airman so
we'll be able to launch all the way up to 3.3lbs and G power...
If you like to attend or participate, please feel welcome to do so,
in case you need directions, just e-mail me and
I'll get back to you as soon as I can...
Tampa - Hillsborough Organisation of Rocketry
THOR (NAR section# 598)
made an apperarance in TBS  TV show 'Liars and Legends' in 2005
We were proclaimed more of one and less of the other -
but which way ? You figure that one....
Turner Broadcasting South
crew setting up

Some photos on this page
in courtesy of Tom Sollis and family.
Big thanks to you guys, you Rock !
Andy hitting the button
My turn for a close-up
We are setting up in our usual way:
'Organized and effective'

Links to monthly THOR launch pix: