THOR launch February 2007
What a great day !!
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We had a good crowd, besides our more or less
regular flyers Tsolo of was able to make
it back after WinterNats in South Florida. We also field
tested a 'Mobile Landing Platform' - that big RV...
Bob displaying his new modular design on right...

Estes Patriot takes off and homes right
into one of our greedy Rocket Eating Trees,
luckily boys spotted it low enough to reach
with recovery pole and the bird was rescued...

SR-71 flew its last mission even thou the Bullpup 12-D intended to shoot it down
self-destructed on the pad...  Classic Estes Saturn5 launched nice but had a wonky
on recovery: The booster chute did not deploy and it came tumbling back down. I caught
a pic a split second before it clipped the back corner of the RV - you can barely see it
inside the white ring... Damaged fin shroud, not too bad...

Our visiting clusternut Tsolo on left, while
Manuel and Andy inspect a parawad...