THOR Dec.2006 page 2
After setting up, it was time for a
Kodak moment for Bob and Julie....
While I crashed and burned again, yet another partial
deployment - something was in the air...
Mike was waiting for Manuel to finish setting up,
so he could let one of his bigger gliders rip on
F21 (iirc) way up in the sky to leave him with
enough time to run his deep route for a catch
attempt. Close, but no cigar...

...while it was Bob's turn for a fishing
expedition behind the flight line...
I usually save the 'Big Guns' for
the last and started by cutting
'Solaris' loose on a G79W for a
good flight. A silver classic rocket
looks really nice and shiny up
close and personal under the Florida
sun. Likely the most beautiful
of all my designs...

I have her over chuted to bring
her down gently because those
holed-out fins, so its usually
a good hike out...
My brand new baby, 'CrayPuppy'
also had her first flight (small insert)
and her first crash, more about
that here:

For my finale and the final launch
of the day I sent up my Crayon X1
loaded up with the usual G64.
After quite a scare, we had a full
chute and a soft landing.
Methinks a G64 up close and
personal (min safety distance) is
more impressive than an H or I
way out the distance...

It was a day with a lot of recovery
problems to all of us but Mark,
who had to shine by not crashing any.
Maybe we had high static on top of
the usual humidity, then add up motor
malfunctions and no wonder the dry
dock filled to the brim with rocket
carcasses in various needs of repair...

Like always,
any launch is a good launch !