Here's a little treat for you,
I cobbled up while needing
some change while building
all those Vipers...

A 4" scratch build retro called

Built with 29mm mount,
she is light enough to
fly on G64's on small fields,
but can also handle 29/240
Painted classic space ship
silver, of course...

She made her debute at a recent NEFAR
 launch (Sept '06), getting many

There is something about classic
retro 'Buck Jones' like designs
everyone seems to like...

On pad all wired for sound and
ready to rock (right)...

For the first flight I let her rip
with H128W, had to drill the
delay down to ~8,5 sec.

Nice flight, she looked good
with all that silver gleaming
under the bright September
sun, and all those 'Sunday Fins'
gave her a nice whistle all the
way up just like planned...

On the flipside, due to those
same holey fins I had to
overchute her a bit (48")
and it was a mile hike to
retrieve... Well, I need
more workout anyway...
Roger Smith (Jadebox@TRF)
got a really sweet launch pic of
her at NEFAR under full boost
on H128W, check out his site

I was originally set to design
something else, but UPS smashed
my order totaling a body tube and
crushing both the Ace nosecone tip
and most of the shoulder beyond
repair, but I was able to salvage a
slightly off shape tailcone out of the
wreck. Sometimes you just have to
roll with the punches... On a
positive note, A2Z hobbies
customer service did an
outstanding job in sending
replacements at warp speed.
Thank you very much !
At the THOR club launch on
10-21-2006 I had the chance to launch
'Solaris' again, this time on G64-4W
due to field limitations.

'Thar she blows' - fresh off the rod
and gleaming silver under bright
Florida sun... and I almost lost her !
You can clearly see how she is turning
to left, while the rod is whipping back
to the right after she cleared it.
She turned to about 60 deg
angle before stabilizing and
heading downrange in a hurry,
where Astron Mike was retrieving
one of his famous big gliders and
saved me half the hike...

Methinks I'll hook her up with
a pair of rail buttons one of these
days... 1/4" rod doesn't cut it...
Link Here