Demo at James Marlowe Elementary School in
New Port Richey, FL on  May 24, 2006

Our grandson David's been talking rockets at his school, and it sparked enough interest for a demo...
We started with a short narrative about rockets and rocketry, and then got our hands on the stuff.
As I was talking about bits and pieces, we kept on passing various sizes of rockets, chutes, RMS casings and
ye from A to H power around so that everybody could get their hands on for a closer look.
After an orderly Q and A session, David told about his recycled water bottle rocket that he build from
scrap on an earlier THOR launch with 'uncle' Brent Wynn.
Then it was off to the field...
So, on one of the last remaining schooldays before summer, I packed up my fleet and stuff, and hauled them
over for a show and tell from first to third grade (if I got it right - there were kids everywhere).
I have to 'fess up - never having done anything like this before, I was nervous like a long tailed cat in a
room full of rocking chairs. All for nothing thou, the kids were GRRRREAT, like Tony the Tiger says...
After setting up shop and prepping Estes Outlaw
with a B6-4, it was time to check for a clear field.
Then all the kids started to count down, and at zero
I hit the button expecting for a WOOSH, but it got
totally drowned out by a good sixty kids screaming
in joy and surprise... What a feeling !!!

David launched (and chased) the second one,
and Starla had her turn on the third and
last launch of the day, after which the
much needed rain started falling...
All in all,
It was a great success and a wonderful
experience and I hope we could do it again.
And maybe next time we could plan it a few
weeks ahead, so the other willing members of
THOR could share it too...

Thank You all at the James Marlowe
Elementary school to make this happen !!
The setup