'The Red Baron'
A 24mm to 24mm BT-60 based two-stager somewhat styled
after the superb Estes Big Bertha.
Very strong flyer as a single stager with AT 24mm reloads,lots of fun
staged with D12-0 to E9-6 - if you happen to like long walks....
Boosting on E18W
to est. 1400'
Single staged
One sleek beast !
Business ends of both the Baron and
Fokker D VII booster on left
Close-up of Interstage coupler, one of
four 1/4" vent holes clearly visible
Stacked with Fokker D VII booster
The Baron:

Length 41"
Diameter 1.6" (BT-60)
Max. take-off weight 10 oz.
on Estes E9
Cp=30.4", Cg=28.3"

with 'Fokker D VII' booster:

Length  50"
Max take-off weight 15 oz.
staged D12 to E9
Cp=37.3", Cg=34.0"
'The Red Baron' was lost in action earlier today
March 18th 2006 when a sudden gust of wind hit him at stage separation,
turning him on a ballistic trajectory on a E9-6 sustainer.
He simply flew out of range, way into deep woods, never to be seen again.
Check it out on the 'Videos' page...
Dangit, now I have to build another one....  :-)