Patriot PAC-3.1
Originally started its life as a Rocketpad PAC-3 kit on a single 24mm mount, evolved into its
current form after two consecutive lawn darts summer 2005. She survived the first one but two
in a row was a bit too much. On a closer inspection during the autopsy I found the top of MMT
had burned through and curled upon itself thus effectively blocking the ejection charge. Only
the nosecone, recovery gear, fins and ACME launch lugs were salvageable, so during the
rebuild I made her a twin 18mm for some redundancy... Also I stretched the airframe 2" to
compensate for a slight increase in tail weight. Unlike the Valkyries she has surface mounted
basswood fins instead of my usual TTW design, I figured that the small size and span
combined with low power did not justify sturdier design... And this way I could use the old fins...
PAC-3 on pad
PAC-3.1 on C6-5's
Close-ups of my home baked graphics
All waterslide decals made with old Print Shop and lotsa trial and error...
Fin details, ACME lugs, and the business end...
Patriot PAC-3.1

Length: 41"
Dia: 1.6" BT-60
Max weight
9.8 oz. on
twin C6-5's

Cp= 28.0"
Cg= 24.9"
Margin 1.9 on two
C6-5's (thanks to
almost 2 oz.
of birdshot
in nosecone)