Bunnell Blast Nov. 11-12 2006 Page 2

Here's two nice launches by
unknown birds, one of these days
I gotta start making notes...

If you have any info on these, please
let me know and I'll post it here...

The one on top left looks like
an Aerotech Sumo, but who
built it ?

On the left is Mark Ettinger's
beautiful 2.6" Thor clone under
full boost. Straight as an arrow,
you just gotta love that split-fin

Last time I was at NEFAR, I had a squadron
of Vipers with me, so this time I wanted to
fly something different.
It was time for a 'Crayon Fest':
The whole X-series and their new little
cousin, blue Crayon 3E were ready to rip...
First off the gates was X3 on AMW J440BB
for my level2 cert flight (pix and/or video later),
Then 3E for her maiden flight, on which the
shock cord got roasted apart right past the
kevlar leader and she came thunking down.
Luckily no damage, just some dirt on a fin...
Next I flew my new X2 for her first time,
and that was also my first clustered HPR flight,
man, those twin H238T's really kick hard
off the pad, blink and she's gone...
Brian Coyle (brianc@TRF) got a nice lift-off pic
of X1 taking to skies on AT G75J (bottom left),
I also had a padcam set up for that flight,

Video Here

Note to self: next time set camera upwind
when launching smoky loads... DUHH !
Since the blue one got no damage on its first hard landing,
I yanked out the rest of the old shockie and hoofed it over
to Bernie's hut from Giant Leap Rocketry, grabbed about
14 feet length of tubular kevlar and fixed her up
while muttering to myself ' try roasting this !'
So up she went again and like you guessed it, the new
shock cord didn't get roasted at all - but she tangled her
chute into a 'parawad', and came down in a fast tail
slide landing into tall grass near a ditch not that far
from the spectator gallery... She's a lucky one, two hard
landings and no damage at all, but one of these days
she's gotta learn how to fly AND LAND....

Pic of my shop on left, it was such a nice day we left
the canopy unpacked...
More to follow...
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Two excellent launch shots of my new CrayonX2 that I shamelessly swiped off of

Roger Smith's site at PayloadBay Gallery

Check it out folks, its loaded for bear with awesome pics. Big Thanks to you Roger (Jadebox@TRF)!
She really ripped on twin AT H238T's for my first HPR cluster flight, onboard videoclips here:
'Directors Cut :-)'
'Short and Sweet'