Fireball 240
An AT Mustang airframe stretched 12" with extended MMT, extra rings and epoxy foamed
Fireball 240 can fly with any reloads from 24/40 E18W-4 to 24/240 H220T-14...
Slightly insane, perhaps ??
Take-off on E18W-4
First test flight, still 'nekkid'
PML 24" chute and Nomex
shield + 24/240 casing
Ready to go on F39T-6
A kitchen sink 1 1/4" dia. tailpipe extension with a big c-clip makes for the
best, cheapest, and easiest to use motor retention I've ever come across. I'll
be using it on all my 29mm birds when possible. Just cut it to length,
JBWeld it on and let fly...I also did cut custom length spacers to go with all
casings to protect the inside of MMT.
Length 45"           Dia. 1.9"
Cp = 35.9"         G64W            Cg = 32.2"
She weighs in a whopping 19oz. without motor