Crayon X3B
An excercise in modular design and construction,
this good size rocket can be taken completely apart with a Phillips
screwdriver and an Allen wrench

Length: 78"
Diameter: 3 7/8"
Weight about 6.5 lbs
(my scale bottomed
out half way through
this build and the
bathroom scale really
ain't that accurate...)

Crayon X3 can use
38mm motors from
H123-S to J350-L,
but I211-M sims right
on apogee...

When I built in the
Aiptek digicam, I
also replaced the
baffles with much
lighter Nomex shield,
thus upgrading X3
into X3B. I also
epoxied an extra ring
up in the airframe to
keep chute in place
G-10 Fibreglass fins
Homecut couplers
Fincan detail
Aiptek DV3100 digital camcorder
built in the payload bay
Twin 'Kaplow'/mirror clips
mounted on 1/4" ply ring
under plastic tailcone
PML 54" parachute, 1/2" nylon
webbing and Nomex shield
Rear view mirror for digicam,
made out of BT-60 nosecone

Here she is loaded up on
my spankin' new high power
rail ...

It was just for a show, we didn't
have mr.Airman notified for
anything this big, so she
just sat on the pad for eye
candy on this launch...

For scale, that's a stock
AT Mustang on the left...
Well, she took off kinda sudden,
but at least I got a nice pic of
a smoketrail....

Onboard launch video at NEFAR
04-08-2006 on the 'videos' page.
See her rip on I 211W-10...