Crayon 3E
A lightweight Crayon packing triple 24mm mounts
Lets start this build with motor mount tubes,
first cut three 24mm heavy wall tubes at
12" or ye, doesn't matter as long as they're all
the same length...
Then glue or epoxy two of them together on a
flat surface like a tabletop. I used Titebond II
yellow glue, it'll be plenty strong...
Once the two tubes have dried up enough to
handle I glued the third one on the top, then
used some 30min epoxy to attach the screw
eye on top end for a rock solid shockie mount.
...And a #8-32 bolt on the bottom. Fits better if
you cut the head off first or use allthread.
I used stainless steel hardware for both ends,
since I got a habit of over engineering....

While the glue and epoxy on the MMT's were
curing, I doodled up a plan for the fins.
Just 1/8" 3-ply lite plywood from Michaels,
Homer Teapot or Lowe's do fine too...

The fins got cut out, and since the idea with
this bird is to keep it low and slow, all
the edges were left square. Root edges got
beveled for wedge mounting...

I used my fabulous (NOT) cheap (YES)
Chinese drill press and burned a couple of
cluster CR's out of 1/8" 3-ply lite plywood.
Triple 24mm MMT's will do on this one...

...since it ain't gonna be no HotRod. CR's got
glued on and filleted withTitebond II yellow
glue. You can use epoxy as well, but it
makes things heavy really quick...

Tack on the fins next so they butt on the aft
centering ring, gives them quite a bit more
strength. Then lay up two or three fillets and
hang up the fincan to dry.
A crystal I got from a late friend of mine
radiates positive karma to the heart of a
new rocket for good luck.
Rest easy James 'Jim' McNair, you'll
never be forgotten...

It's time to work on the nose cone,
first cut a disk of 1/8" ply to fit inside the
Crayon plastic cone and bolt on a screw eye
or like, scuff up the inside of the cone with
coarse sandpaper, and use some 'Guerilla
Glue' to put it all together. Follow the
directions and lightly moisten the disk...

...Then run a bead of glue on the inside
shoulder of the cone, slip the disk in place
and set a weight on top. I used a heavy
piece of steel tubing left over from some
other crazy project of mine...
Finished nose cone assembly on the left.
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