Upscale of an old ESTES classic:

At a recent THOR launch
Mark Morris showed up with a
beautiful Gooneymax IV (updated version by
Sandman at Roachwerks IIRC) upscale that
methinks was based on BT-60 tubing. It both
looked and performed so sweet, that I
fell in love again...

Here's Mark's GMaxIV on pad (left)
and boosting off the rod (below)

So as you can guess, I ended up with
a bad case of mewannaitis...

After some serious netsurfing and deep sea
diving into my 'stockpile' (that's constantly
overflowing from the garage) a plan
started to take shape...
Since I had T80H tubing, some
1/8" birch ply, and an Aerotech
Initiator 2.6" nosecone handy, the
answer was clear :

A 1.6X Der Big Red Max upscale !

Clockwise from top left:
My fancy fin gluing jig, that also doubles as a fin filleting jig as
you can see on top right. TTW fins with generous fillets, triple
5-ply 3/16" birch rings and a 29mm MMT long enough to pack in
a 29/240 casing... Bottom right a shot of the biz end before
installing my usual p-trap retainer, note the MMT sticking out...

The NC started its life as a stock AT 2.6"
cone, but to make it look more like the
real thing I cast in an epoxy plug before
cutting off 1" and rounding off the tip.

After a paintjob and some homebaked
decals, she looks pretty good...
Max stands at 42" tall, weighing in at
24oz w/o motor or casing.
She also has a piston ejection
system, so no wadding is needed...

While I was redrawing all the decals,
I couldn't help myself but to tweak
them a little bit as well, including a
few new Gooneyisms...

So far Max has flown once with a
F52 Blue Thunder, but I'm hoping to
be able to let her rip on H165
Redline one of these days...
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