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Family portraits and time to fly !
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Here's a family of Colonial Vipers begging, sitting, rolling over, and playing dead
on the lawn of my back yard. Obviously they've spent way too much time out
there accompanied by Sheena, our four legged kid in a fur coat...
The new one is flanked by 2x 'Sha Anasazi' and 1.6x 'Red Three' (which is
currently the only photogenic one left of the squadron of four)...
I call these semi-upscales because every single measurement and angle from
Estes original design has been tweaked quite a bit to optimize aerodynamical stability,
nose has been lengthened 2 calibers for more recovery gear space and less noseweight
to improve flyability,  while still retaining the distinct Colonial Viper looks.

Look Ma, I can fly !

She was finished just in time to make her debut at
           (Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry)
launch on September 8th 2007, basking in the loving
attraction of Fellow Rocketeers maybe a bit more than
her fair share should have been. Her shakedown flight
was powered by Aerotech I 161 White Lightning in a
Dr.Rocket 38/360 casing. Quite under powered but
reaching a safe take-off speed about half way up the
launch rail. One of these days I'll set her free on an
AMW I 315 Skidmark...
Ejection was about two seconds late thanks to Aerotech's
generous bonus delay counteracting my minus 2 second
drill job. Oh well - close enough...

The recovery gear consists of
Giant Leap Rocketry's 'Fireball'
zipper protector, heavy Kevlar chute
protector pad, and 20' long 1/4"
tubular Kevlar harness with presewn
A 60" black and orange Sperachute
brings her down with a little bit of a
thunk, but she can well take it being
built of LOC 3" heavy
wall motor mount tubing with 0.090"
wall thickness (3.18" od)
Total nose cone weight is
21oz, without the extra body
length and yada
it would have been 5lbs...

also a videographer extraordinaire,
captured a fantastic clip of her first flight.
Jimmy on the right - link below:

Big Thanks Jimmy !
Fly Me !

Marc Slabbinck,
also got a good clip of the same flight from
a bit different angle:

Big Thanks to you two Marc and Max !
Fly Me Again !

It was a great day filled with Rocket Fun, Thanks to all                folks, hope to see you soon...

Wow, more pix just keep on coming...
Here's some great shots by Roger Smith,
shown prepping his camera rocket
'Mustang Sally' on right...

Fantastic pix, check them out !
Roger Smith's PayloadBay Gallery
Jimmy Yawn of Recrystallized Rocketry,
Flying Sparky on page 3